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freiform   (open in a new window)

Positive, Aware and Intelligent Partnership
I would like to share my heart in a loving, harmonious relationship with a sincere and patient soul. I cherish friendship, and finding a true friend on here is as welcome as a "deeper" connection. In a committed partnership, true friendship is for me essential. My spirituality is strong and important in my life, but I am not religious. One of my deepest spiritual goals and intents i...

39 years old | Farmville, VA, USA

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dkarim   (open in a new window)

26 years old | Rabat, Morocco

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natureguy4   (open in a new window)

seek woman to share interests
Seek a female for friendship to share interests, experiences, and lifestyle. I enjoy a simple life. I am easy going, friendly, layed back, secure, and down to earth. Would be nice to meet a like minded woman looking for the same.

62 years old | Waikiki, HI, USA

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mariuslon   (open in a new window)

Looking for a non-sexual close friendship
Guy looking for genuine friendship, brotherhood, platonic relationship, attention and affection

40 years old | London, United Kingdom

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princesshumbug   (open in a new window)

Now my life has settled down a bit thought it was time i filled this bit in lol. I am looking to make friends and if that leads to a romance or relationship then great

39 years old | Halifax, United Kingdom

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romantic111   (open in a new window)

European lady,average looking,non interested in physical interaction,looking for tall gentleman for platonic relationship,friendship.

61 years old | Aiken, SC, USA

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jodyne   (open in a new window)

Just me
I live with respect to both myself and toward others. (Main Profile on NativeAmericanPassions) My sexuality is reserved for committed relationship.

50 years old | Santa Clara, CA, USA

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mavoreen   (open in a new window)

Hi i have joined this site to make platonic friends,i love chatting and also listening.

65 years old | City and Borough of Bradford, United Kingdom

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passhon   (open in a new window)

Houston's Hidden Treasure
My interests are diverse . I am seeking someone with similar interests. A picture would be greatly appreciated unless you are on "The 10 Most Wanted List. If that is the case, nix the photo; I saw it last week in the U S Post Office. No Photo, No Response, NO KIDDING! I am attracted to tall men. I am an old-fashion southern belle in the sense that I may not contact you first, but will respond to y...

62 years old | Houston, TX, USA

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benspinoza   (open in a new window)

I'm an intellectual, musician (drummer/percussion), secular, nontraditional, free spirit asexual/low libido/celibate(pick one)searching for a female soulmate and companion, someone I can trust and confide in sans judgment unless its constructive and done with sensitivity and support. Among my interests are: music, leftist politics, intellectual conversations and pursuits, philosophy, the arts ...

56 years old | Silver Spring, MD, USA

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